Project Benefits Summarised

  • Generating Capacity: 55-68MW.
    • Greenhouse Gas Savings/Year: Approximately 240,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent.
    • Homes Powered: Approximately 39,220 homes.
    • Capital Cost: Approximately AUD$115-$145 million.
    • 40-50 FTE during construction.
    • 4-6 FTE permanent ongoing direct employees.

The National Picture .....

  • Australia needs wind energy:
    • to secure billions of dollars of investment and tens of thousands of jobs for regional and rural Australian communities;
    • to protect against the rising cost of  generation from fossil fuels;
    • to help meet its commitments for reducing carbon emissions without buying overseas permits.
  • Wind energy is the least expensive form of utility-scale renewable energy generation capable of being rolled out on a large scale. Australia stands to gain some $17 billion of investment and 10,000 jobs from wind energy projects that are currently proposed or approved. Much of this would flow to regional and rural Australia.
  • Wind energy can also protect against the expected price hikes in the cost of fossil fuels such as coal and gas. Few Australians realise we are now in competition with the rest of the world for gas – and higher demand has already doubled wholesale prices in the last year. While gas power stations are cheaper to build today than wind, the cost of wind energy is coming down fast ....... thanks to advances in technology and larger-scale component production. As gas prices continue to rise into the future, so will the cost of running gas power stations. Meanwhile, the fuel cost of the wind is free – and Australia has it in abundance.